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HIV testing comes to the Fayette County Jail this week

Major Matt LeMonds Explains the HIV Testing Program to Lexington City Council 07-09-24
Stu Johnson
Major Matt LeMonds Explains the HIV Testing Program to Lexington City Council 07-09-24

A new HIV testing program is being implemented at the Fayette County Jail. It’s intended to be an ongoing offering at community corrections.

The team from the University of Kentucky tested 20 inmates during HIV testing Monday. Major Matt LeMonds is the public information officer with Community Corrections. LeMonds said the idea is to see testing conducted about twice a week and it’s not a high-pressure request.

“We’re going through we’re asking everybody. We’re not targeting certain people to be tested. Hopefully that increasing how many people participate. Get that testing done. And then you can get a better picture of where we’re at,” said LeMonds.

LeMonds said inmates can be given information about continuing care outside the detention facility. The Fayette Jail representative said the effort is to reach all 850 inmates at the Old Frankfort Pikcomplex.

“They can do that test inside the inmates housing unit. They do it in privacy but they don’t have to be transported outside the facility at all. And they can do that testing….it’s like a rapid test…as opposed to a blood drawing, send it in to a lab and all that,” said LeMonds.

LeMonds said information passed on to inmates could also pertain to medical care for hepatitis C in some cases.

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