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For the first time, Lexington Parking Authority budget goes before the City Council

 Lexington Parking Authority Board Chair Jim Frazier Before the Lexington City Council 05-23-23
Stu Johnson
Lexington Parking Authority Board Chair Jim Frazier Before the Lexington City Council 05-23-23

Lexington’s City Council Tuesday got a rundown on the Parking Authority’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Board Chair Jim Frazier said expenses continue to go up as a part of the $5 million budget. Frazier was asked about legislation passed by the Kentucky General Assembly earlier this year.

“That’s why I’m here today. There was a real question as to whether it applied to this fiscal year. But, I consulted with Dave and to err on the side of conservancy we would come and present this budget,” said Frazier.

Frazier is referring to Dave Barberie in the City Law Department. The legislation requires the Authority to get budget approval from the Council and bring any proposed meter increases to the Council for its consideration. The law came following the Parking Authority’s action several months ago to raise meter rates.

While discussing costs associated with the upkeep of parking structures, Parking Authority Board Chair Jim Frazier said an increasing number of homeless are sheltering in structures.

“They have absolutely begun camping out in our garages. We’ve had a lot of effects because of that. Not just the added security we’ve had to pay for, but we’ve had to replace a lot of the material inside these garages for various reasons, which I will not go into but you can visualize what I’m talking about,” said Frazier.

Frazier also said the wear and tear on parking structure roofs is an ongoing expense. After an explanation, the City Council voted to approve the Parking Authority budget for the upcoming year.

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