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Lexington's effort to bolster its police ranks getting support in Frankfort

Stu Johnson

The Lexington police department could expand its ranks under a bill making its way through the State Legislature. One step from final passage, it would allow the Division of Police to rehire retired officers for short, designated terms. Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers said these rehires would go back on patrol, where the biggest need is.

“It gives us the opportunity to hire somebody back who doesn’t need to go through the full training and somebody we can put out there to kind of offset some of the people who have been leaving,” said Weathers.

The police chief said Lexington is one of the few communities in the Commonwealth where this hiring process is not in place. Weathers said it’s difficult to say how many retirees would return to patrol

“I don’t know, probably anywhere from eight to fifteen and that goes a long way to help our people that are out on the streets so, even if it is just a few, that’s gonna help,” said Weathers.

Chief Weathers said they would have to be retired for at least 30 days. The head of the Division of Police says his agency has lost retirees who have gone to work for other departments. When asked how it would help in addressing crime, Weathers said to have more people responding always helps.

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