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Significant pay boost coming to Lexington jail workers

Fayette Division of Community Corrections Director Scott Colvin
Lexington urban county government
Fayette Division of Community Corrections Director Scott Colvin

The head of Community Corrections in Lexington expects a significant pay hike to help recruit and retain officers at the jail. The Lexington City Council this week approved a $75 hundred dollar pay increase for detention center workers. Starting pay will be just over $50,000. Scott Colvin is the director of Community Corrections.

“You’re going to see a new recruiting campaign, featuring the pay raise and we have a lot of other things to offer at the Division of Community Correction too, such as an honorable profession and a great group of people to work with and train with,” said Colvin.

Colvin said the pay increases will be seen in the next pay period.

The jail administrator said increased staffing challenges came with the onset of the pandemic.

“We’re building back small academy after small academy, but we look to change that and this pay raise will be a good step forward in getting that done and getting those recruit classes back up to a better size.”

Council has also boosted pay of police officers, sergeants, and lieutenants along with increases for firefighters, lieutenants, and captains. Pay hikes also came to Corrections lieutenants and captains.

City workers outside of public safety got a 3% raise in January. The overall cost of the raises is estimated at $17 million a year.

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