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City of Lexington and UK collecting used cooking oil for biofuel and recycling research

cooking oil on a stove top

The city of Lexington is hosting its annual Gobble Grease Toss this Friday. Fayette County residents will have the opportunity to properly dispose of cooking oil used during the holiday weekend. The city is partnering with the University of Kentucky’s Center for Applied Energy Research. Jennifer Myatt is an Environmental Initiative Specialist with the city of Lexington. In the uprising of renewable energy and resources, Myatt says events like this and the research behind them are significant. She explained the importance of this recycling opportunity for the community, and the future of it as well.

“The Center for Applied Energy Research uses some of our cooking oil for research and they are working on basically converting it to biofuel in different ways. Just to find more efficient ways that we can reuse cooking oil since we have so much of it in our community.”

Myatt said the used cooking oil will be used for research into the development of biofuel with recyclable products. She stated the remaining cooking oil that cannot be used for research is properly recycled with the help of Kelley Green Biofuel.

“Anytime you can recycle it or reuse it, it's so good for the environment because you're not having to use resources to make new and you're also not adding to our landfills. So, it’s just really good for our environment and our community that we have this opportunity for recycling to cooking oil.”

Participants are asked to have their cooled cooking oil in a disposable container with a lid, no bags are accepted. The Gobble Grease Toss will be held for Fayette County residents only at the Redwood Cooperative School from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

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Caroline Young is a WEKU Newsroom Intern from Grayson Kentucky. She is currently pursuing a degree in broadcasting and electronic media with a focus is film techniques and technology and a minor in multimedia journalism.
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