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Berea's Boone Tavern under new management, but old traditions remain

Berea College

A historic business in southern Madison County is not expecting many changes under new leadership. A New England-based management company took over the operation of the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant more than a month ago. Assistant General Manager Patrick Huston wants to stress the arrival of Olympia Hotel Management didn’t mean big changes. Huston said it’s still the same Boone Tavern team.

“We’ve been noted for having spoon bread for a very long time and that is something that we’re noted for that will always be here as well as some of our other dishes like the chicken flakes and the bird’s nest. I’ve had the same person making spoon break for almost 50 years, who’s still here even after the management change,” said Huston.

Huston said staff at the southern Madison County landmark hang on to traditions. That includes employing Berea College students.


“We have always had students from Berea College work here and that will never change. We have a lot of students. You’ll see them in the dining room, they have a little blue button on their blue shirt that says ask me about my Berea College experience,” said Huston.

Berea College owns Boone Tavern. Huston said the hotel and restaurant have been under outside management all along. That includes management by a firm in Atlanta for the last 15 years or so.

Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 30 years.
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