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Second COVID vaccine booster starting to roll out across Kentucky

Stu Johnson

While the current positivity rate for coronavirus is relatively low, there remains high interest in a second vaccine booster. Currently, boosters can be administered to those 50 and older at least four months after receiving the first booster.

Kevin Hall is the spokesman for the Fayette County Health Department. He said the agency’s clinic will begin offering the additional booster shot Wednesday. Hall said any delays in attaining the booster shouldn’t be caused by a widespread shortage of vaccines.

“Nothing that I’m aware of of a shortage here in central Kentucky. There should be plenty of vaccines. So, there could just be a daily issue with one place. So try someplace else. Try that place later. But, don’t lose interest in getting vaccinated. Go ahead and make the calls or make the stop in someplace, cause vaccine is available,” said Hall.

Hall said the health department has gotten calls requesting a second booster. He noted some people are asking how many boosters will be necessary.

“I hear it every time I’m talking to people about booster fatigue. How many boosters are we going to need? And we’re going to need however many it takes to be able to slow this down. You think about a flu shot, you get a flu shot every year or at least you should get a flu shot every year. We don’t call that a flu booster,” said Hall.

State Public Health Commissioner Steven Stack said there are 13 hundred enrolled vaccine administration locations across the Commonwealth. He noted most should be able to administer shots, but some may still be updating their procedures to align with FDA changes. Stack added 25% of all Kentuckians and 31% of citizens 18 and over have received a booster.

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