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Health officials stress vaccination a key weapon against all coronavirus variants

Downtown Lexington
Stu Johnson
Downtown Lexington

While no confirmed cases of the new Omicron coronavirus variant have been detected in Kentucky, health officials say stay vigilant with protective measures. Cases of the Delta variant have been on the increase. Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall said the best weapon remains vaccination. “This virus wants desperately to live. It will continue to mutate. It will continue to find ways to attack people and this vaccine allows us to fight back,” said Hall.

Hall said the COVID vaccine is free for everyone. He suggested talking to unvaccinated friends and family, understanding where they are as it relates to this vaccine.

The Lexington health department official emphasized vaccination along with masking remain key measures in fighting a changing coronavirus. Health officials globally are focusing attention on the Omicron variant. In addition to vaccination, Hall said masking is still needed in certain situations. “If you’re going to be around others in crowded spots or places where you are not around your family that you live with, put the mask on,” explained Hall.

Hall said masking continues to provide some protection to the wearer while preventing spread. Break through cases have been reported in vaccinated people.

Stu has been reporting for WEKU for more than 35 years. His primary beat is Lexington/Fayette government.
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