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Lexington Council Takes Step Toward Holding the Line on Urban Services Boundary


The differing opinions about how Lexington should grow in the years ahead became evident in two close votes at City Hall Tuesday. 

As part of the government leaders made a key decision regarding the county’s comprehensive plan.

Urban County Council members have been reviewing goals and objectives for the five-year comprehensive plan for weeks.  Included in the discussion has been whether or not the urban services boundary should expand. 

During the final ad hoc committee meeting, council voted 8-7 in favor of allowing for the possibility of selected expansion. 

But, fewer than two hours later, the same body cast an 8-7 vote to keep the boundary intact. 

In what he termed a misunderstanding, Council Member Joe Smith changed his vote.

“All the emails I received and phone calls I received was based on they said do not expand the urban service area.  I mean that was the bottom line,” said Smith.

Still, Smith admitted he liked the term “potential flexibility” when it comes to future expansion. 

Final approval of comprehensive plan goals and objectives is pending.  First reading is scheduled this Thursday.

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