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Lexington City Hall Discussion on Growth Expands to Other Issues


A Lexington City Hall discussion this week on comprehensive planning got into a larger discussion about growth issues. 

Budget committee members reviewed goals and objectives in the proposed comprehensive plan. 

Council Member Jennifer Scutchfield says the infrastructure needs attention. 

“We’ve got to build this infrastructure to be able to support this infill and I really feel like we’re struggling with that.  We have roads that don’t have sidewalks.  We have people walking in ditches,” said Scutchfield.

Council Member Richard Moloney asked why land around the interstates hasn’t seen more development. 

“If you’ve got 51% of your people that don’t live here, they’re working here.  Why would you not want to put them on the interstate and get them home quicker than just driving them all the way in town here,” asked Moloney.

Council member Kevin Stinnett says he and his colleagues often hear from neighborhood residents who express concerns about the density of development near their homes.

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