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Piles on the Curb Discussed at City Hall

Inspectors in Lexington’s Code Enforcement Department keep a busy schedule…inspecting thousands of structures annually.  Code Enforcement Director David Jarvis told city leaders some 85 hundred properties were inspected in 2011.  Some of the most nagging problems revolve around U-K students at the beginning and end of the semester in the disposal of items.  Jarvis says any solution lies with their landlords.

“I think educating the landlords, the landlords are just gonna have to realize that the students, when they come in and out at the end of the semester, they have to realize they can’t just throw all the belonging out on the curb,” said Jarvis.

At the end of every semester, council member Diane Lawless says large piles of refuse pile up curbside and create headaches for permanent residents.

“It is a huge nuisance.  It spills out into the road.  People start coming and going through it,.” said Lawless.

David Jarvis says some landlords clearly spell out  renter responsibilities at the beginning of the lease period.

“You know, I know a lot of landlords have it in their leases that, you know, students are responsible.  You know, they put up deposits and they do go after some of the students that cause problems for them.  And you know, that may be something landlords need to take a look at,” added Jarvis.

Although there remain issues when students move in and out, the Code Enforcement Director says vast improvements have been seen over the last six years.  Jarvis was asked by council members to consider some clearer terminology when issuing warnings and citations to landlords. 

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