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Today's Interview: How God’s Pantry Food Bank helped after massive power outage

Mike Halligan is the CEO of God's Pantry Food Bank.
God's Pantry Food Bank
Mike Halligan is the CEO of God's Pantry Food Bank.

The massive power outages caused by the storms that toppled trees and power lines last Friday forced many Kentuckians to throw out refrigerated and frozen food. Mike Halligan, the C-E-O of God's Pantry Food Bank in Lexington, said they lost power for nearly four days.

“And our first activity was to make sure that all of the food was safe and secure. So we went through an emergency action plan to make sure that product that was perishable was properly stored.”

Meanwhile, many God’s Pantry clients lost all their food. So God’s Pantry employees and volunteers had to serve them while trying to save the food they provide. Halligan said three corporate donors helped them do just that.

“We're actually very, very grateful and, and so humbled to get support from Kroger, from Ryder and from Penske, all three of those organizations had trailers that were available.”

Halligan said with the extra help, God’s Pantry, which serves food-insecure people in 50 counties across central and eastern Kentucky, didn’t have to throw any food away.

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