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Ky Health Commissioner talks COVID, flu, and RSV viruses

Kentucky Public Health

Influenza is definitely making its presence known in school classrooms and in communities across the state. Kentucky's public health commissioner, Dr. Steven Stack, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls it the quickest and sharpest uprise of flu in a decade. He said flu is not nearly as contagious as COVID. So, in addition to getting a flu shot, Dr. Stack said a mask can do a good job when it comes to flu prevention.

“You wear a mask when you’re out in public, you’re going to largely protect yourself from getting the flu. If you put a little distance between yourself and other people, keep your hands clean and don’t touch your nose and mouth and you wear a mask, you could probably keep yourself a whole winter and not get the flu,” said Stack.

Stack said he’s heard nothing to suggest that this season’s influenza causes worse symptoms compared to recent years. The public health commissioner noted flu is not a disease to take lightly, particularly for older Kentuckians.

The coronavirus map of Kentucky features a lot of green and little red when it comes to the spread of COVID. Dr. Stack said the number of counties with low levels of transmission is a bit deceiving when there is a sizeable increase in home testing. Stack expects the spread of the virus to pick up in the coming months.

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