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UK Psychologist Speaks Of Importance Of Personal Communication During COVID Pandemic

UK Psychologist Speaks Of Importance Of Personal Communication During COVID Pandemic

In addition to the direct physical effects of coronavirus the last year and a half across Kentucky, there has been much debate about measures taken to combat the disease. In Today’s Interview, WEKU’s Stu Johnson speaks with University of Kentucky Department of Psychology’s Matt Southward about varying attitudes when it comes to COVID-19.

Coronavirus first became evident in Kentucky in March of 2020. Since that time the medical realities and, sometimes, tragic effects have been felt by thousands of Kentucky families. Reaction to the virus has been a personal experience for all.

During the past 18 months there have been many measures including, but not limited to masking, vaccinations, quarantines, and capacity limitations as part of dealing with COVID-19. And there have been varying opinions about those and other facets of the disease.

Matt Southward with the University of Kentucky’s Department of Psychology said information comes from traditional news outlets, social media, and people in our lives. “All of those things are going to have different impacts. And, of course, we know we are much more influenced by the people we are closer to than someone like this faceless government entity of the CDC or something,” said Southward.

Southward said another factor is general risk tolerance varies a lot from one person to another. The UK psychologist noted resilience has been demonstrated by many during the pandemic. And Southward added that may very well need to continue for some time.

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