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Fayette Health Department Official Says Public Health Is About The Vaccinated And Un-Vaccinated

Stu Johnson

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall says the coronavirus Delta variant is certainly causing most of the infections in Lexington now.  He noted almost a quarter of COVID cases in July have been of a break-through variety.  That’s when a vaccinated person tests positive for the virus.   Hall added most often the vaccinated person suffers little or no significant symptoms. 

Hall said it’s important to not categorize people based on their vaccination status. “Vaccinated versus unvaccinated is irrelevant.  It’s the word people and we don’t want people dying.  It is so important to make the unvaccinated groups understand that they’re putting themselves at risk and we do not want them to suffer from this,” explained Hall.   

Hall continued, “public health is truly about all of the public.  Not one group or another.”  The public health official said CDC information shows Lexington currently at a vaccination plateau status. 

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