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Home Coronavirus Test Kits Offered To Some Fayette County Residents

The Lexington community experienced its first coronavirus case on March eighth.  Since then there have been almost 6500 more cases and 61 deaths.

During a COVID-19 update this week, Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said local health providers are wondering about this year’s flu activity. “There’s that question out there about how the flu season may look because people are masking and staying distanced.  So, no one really knows if that will tamp down the flu,” said Gorton.

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall noted September with more than 750 cases is already the third busiest month behind July and August.  Hall told the group home test kits are available.  “You call us you make an appointment, we bring it to you, you take the test.   You put it in the bag and in the box and then we take it to the lab.  In two to three days you get your results on that,” explained Hall.

The health department official said his agency has yet to write a citation for any business related violation.  Once pointed out, Hall said Lexington businesses have been ready to comply.?

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