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Juvenile Court Prosecutor: Mental Health Services Can Benefit Those Affected By Violence

Lexington city officials are stressing the availability of mental health resources for those affected by violence. 

Heather Matics, a juvenile court prosecutor in the Fayette County Attorney’s Office, says the impact of last weekend’s shooting in Fayette Mall can be felt in different ways. “One of the eyewitnesses, just her tone of voice when she was speaking with the media struck me.  You could tell that she was someone who had not been exposed to violence before.  You could tell that she was in pain, shocked, scared.  I think a lot of times we don’t necessarily think about outreach to the people who witness violent crimes,” said Matics.

Matics said the stigma of needing mental health services remains.  The county prosecutor noted mental help is not something to be ashamed of or not something to hide from. 

She said some still feel that all who seek mental health have a weakness or are even not stable.  Matics added she personally is a highly functioning individual with sometimes severe anxiety issues.?

Information at a Lexington news conference Thursday included references to the New Vista Community Mental Health Center, Crisis Text Line, and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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