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Kentucky Senate President: Citizens Coping With Coronavirus

The president of the Kentucky Senate believes citizens in the Commonwealth generally are doing well in trying to cope with coronavirus.  Robert Stivers says there are pockets across the state that are facing more serious COVID-19 challenges.

The GOP state leader said, outside of mask wearing and questions about schools, businesses in his home county of Clay are up and running and people are going through the normal routine.  By and large the veteran lawmaker noted mask use isn’t causing any major friction in the southeastern Kentucky community.  “Most people respect other people’s positions and their own to try to protect themselves and others, so they’re wearing masks,” said Stivers.

Stivers said there is some concern about mandatory mask wearing over the last couple of weeks with coronavirus case numbers still relatively high.  And the senate leader noted school format is another sticking point.  Stivers added local school officials are in the best position to make those calls and he adds positivity rates appear to be lower in rural counties.

When asked about how Governor Beshear is doing regarding coronavirus related policies, Stivers said, quote, “He’s trying, adding that it doesn’t mean everything he’s done is right.  I don’t think even he would admit that.” 

As far as a general assembly session this January, Stivers said  lawmakers will be in session, but exactly how lawmakers will participate is another question.?

Senate President Robert Stivers says Kentuckians seem to be dealing with coronavirus as best as they can:


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