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Nearly $400,000 Raised For Team Kentucky Fund

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman says help through state initiated fund raising to assist those citizens experiencing job loss is different than unemployment assistance. She noted it’s a philanthropic endeavor rooted in compassion for fellow citizens. 

Coleman said 46 hundred donations totaling $390,000 have come in to the Team Kentucky Fund.  She added decisions about how to distribute donations are still a ways off. “We continue to make the best decisions moving forward, but until we can see kind of a light at the end of the tunnel, we wouldn’t be making those decisions about distributing funds because we want to sure that the folks who need it the most are able to get it,” explained Coleman.

Coleman said the fund is being administered through the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet, since it is heavily entrenched in financial oversight.  The Team Kentucky Fund can be found at donate.ky.gov. 

Here's the full interview with Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman:


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