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Medical Researchers and Those They Studied Gather in Eastern Kentucky


Medical research participants in eastern Kentucky Wednesday had the chance to quiz investigators about their findings.  The first Appalachia Research Day event was held in Hazard.  Debra Moser works in UK's College of Nursing focusing on heart health issues.  "You know we report our research at professional meetings and we publish but if we don't really present back to the people who participated in the research,” said Moser. “It seems like we haven't closed the loop."

Moser says the main focus of the sessions was related to self-management skills and making healthy decisions day to day.   She  says many people wait for doctors' advice before making lifestyle changes.  "They kind of ignore their health or don't engage in healthy practices unless a physician is after them and we really get people to understand that ultimately you're responsible for your own health," added Moser.

Moser says group sessions were staged in several eastern Kentucky counties with about 1,500 research participants. ?

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