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Frankfort Church Vigil Focuses On U.S. Immigration Issues

People came to Frankfort’s Church of the Ascension last night to hear songs, bible verses, prayers, and preaching - all in response to the recent U.S. government policy on immigration.

Leaders of two different Christian faiths led the service in support of those being detained at the border. 

The special event carried the title, “A Vigil in Solidarity with Families Seeking Refuge.”  Reverend Mark Van Koevering  spoke of the past week’s events along the southern U.S. border. “This evening we gather to pray for those who have been mistreated, even as they sought refuge in our borders,” said Van Koevering.

The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington urged prayers for quote, “families whose children have been forcibly removed from their parents’ arms.”  

Rana Diez Dempsey participated in the vigil as part of the Hispanic Choir of Good Shepherd Catholic Church. “We understand there are borders.  We understand there are laws.  What we want is just humane treatment for our brothers and sisters and that’s pretty much what we pray for,” said Diez Dempsey.

Jessie Neat, Rector for the Church of the Ascension said the service was intended to bring the community together at a time when there is cry of injustice rising up.  Songs of support and unity were a major part of the service.

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