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Islamic Scholar Speaks on Muslim Covenant


An Islamic scholar from Canada was in Kentucky recently, spreading information about an obscure covenant linked to the Prophet Mohammed.  Doctor John Morrow has researched the document found in the Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai.  He spoke recently to members of Lexington’s Christian Muslim Dialogue Group.  Morrow says the covenant outlines Mohammed’s instruction that religions, like Christianity, deserve protection.

“The Quran may have reached you. The Sunnah  may have reached you.  But, the treaties, letters, covenants of the prophet may not have reached you.  And this is a shame.  This is a crying shame,” said Morrow.

Lexington Poet- Author Charles Upton coordinated the program.  Upton says the information contained in the document calls for moving away from any dissension.

 “It’s got an element of generosity in it and it’s got an element of what you would call chivalry in it and it’s unexpected.  People don’t expect a group to come out and defend some other group that historically or at least in present public perception might be considered to be opponents,” said Upton.

In the covenant uncovered in the Egyptian monastery, Morrow says the Islamic prophet advised Muslims to give excess crops to Christians and never destroy their places of worship.

Differing attitudes and perceptions over religion have prompted conflict for thousands of years.  In a new book, an internationally recognized Islamic scholar examines a relatively unknown covenant attributed to the prophet Mohammed.  Doctor John Andrew Morrow says it directs Muslims to actively protect other religious communities, including Christians.  He spoke with WEKU’S  Stu Johnson during a recent visit to Lexington…


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