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Ky Coal Association Supports Paris Accord Pullout


Among those praising President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is the Kentucky Coal Association.

Association President Tyler White issued a statement this Thursday.

The Kentucky Coal Association represents over ninety percent of Kentucky’s coal industry.  Its president offered “thanks” to the President and his Administration for what he called “putting America first” by calling for the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

On behalf of the association, President Tyler White described the unilateral decision by the Obama administration to join the Paris agreement without the consent of Congress as quote “one of many examples of the former administration’s executive overreach.”

In his statement, he said the agreement put the American people and competitiveness at risk, for little or no meaningful environmental benefit. 

White said that, over the past eight years the burdens of misguided policies fell not only on the coal industry, but also on the end-users of electric power. 

The coal association president concluded his statement saying,“The Paris agreement was simply an obstruction to achieving energy dominance in the United States of America.”

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