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KCTCS offers to replace paper credentials lost or damaged in recent natural disasters

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Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Some higher education institutions are doing their part to help survivors of natural disasters become whole again.

Kentucky Community and Technical College is offering to replace lost or damaged paper degrees and credentials for free.

Kris Williams is Chancellor of KCTCS. She said there are many reasons a graduate would want to have their accomplishment represented.

“They may be the first person in their family to graduate from college or they may need that, while they have a transcript, that piece of paper to sort of prove or define what they know for their employer. And it should be a point of pride,” said Williams.

The offer is open to students and graduates from KCTCS schools in the areas that were impacted by the tornadoes in western Kentucky and the flooding in eastern Kentucky.

Williams said the colleges understand it may take time for survivors to get around to requesting a replacement.

“This is probably low on folks’ list, but it’ll always be available. They just need to go on the website to kctcs.co/replace and put in the information they need for the credential that they earned and request that the credential be mailed to them,” said Williams.

Williams explained that because many of these documents will be printed individually, it may take ten to twelve weeks for the replacements to arrive.

The offer is open to graduates of Big Sandy, Hazard, Southeast Kentucky, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Madisonville, West Kentucky and Somerset Community and Technical Colleges.

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