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Coping from a distance with Kentucky's tragic tornado event

EKU Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Melinda Moore
Eastern Kentucky University
EKU Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Melinda Moore

The images of destruction found today in western Kentucky cause heartache for many across the Commonwealth and nation. Coping with such a deadly disaster can be difficult. Eastern Kentucky University Clinical Psychologist Dr. Melinda Moore said there’s not a right and wrong way to deal with such an event. Moore said we’re each only promised today and not tomorrow. She noted that helps, “keep us mindful of what’s really important in life.”

“And so, while there are so many people in western Kentucky that are not going to have the same Christmas that they would have haved, I think there is also going to be an opportunity to really appreciate what they do have. And I think that goes for all of us,” said Moore.

Coping can take on various forms and it may be different for someone hundreds of miles away. Moore said, for some, it might be carrying on with what might be considered less important than trying to recover from a disaster. “I think sometimes we cope by doing things that give us some sense of predictability and normalcy in our lives. And if going to the basketball game helps an individual, frankly in my opinion it’s better than ruminating on what they are unable to do or ruminating on really awful state of affairs,” said Moore.

Moore added it does remain a very difficult time for many, coming during a time of coronavirus with loss of life along with flooding events.

Here's more with Dr. Melinda Moore:


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