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Eastern Kentucky police investigate thefts in the aftermath of historic flooding

Justin Hicks

Police in eastern Kentucky are urging people to report any thefts or items for sale that may have been stolen after recent flooding.

Trooper Matt Gayheart is with Post 13 in Hazard. He said in the days after the flooding people were afraid to leave their destroyed homes for fear that someone would come by and steal their possessions. Trooper Gayheart called the thefts crimes of opportunity.

“So they're going to try to get what they can quick and get out of there, so they're not caught. So you're talking chainsaws, tools, just something that they can grab quick and get out with it. That's kind of what they're what they're focused on,” said Gayheart.

Trooper Gayheart added that increased patrols have helped lower the number of thefts in the area.

He said people who have had possessions stolen should keep an eye on pawn shops and online sales forums.

“Most times, you know, it's either gonna go to a pawn shop, or they'll track it by hand. So if you have people come around that's trying to sell things that are too good to be true, then most times it likely is. So we just encourage people to use caution in that,” said Gayheart.

Trooper Gayheart said people who think they may have located their stolen items should report to police.

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