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Founder Of Health Care Advocacy Group Disappointed In Special Session


The founder of a Kentucky healthcare policy watchdog organization says the general assembly fell short in addressing coronavirus issues during this week’s special legislative session. Health Watch U.S.A’s mission statement said it’s an organization whose mission is to promote health care transparency, competition, and patient advocacy.

Dr. Kevin Kavanagh said many lawmakers don’t have a full understanding of the potential for other COVID variants to do harm.

“It is possible the next variant will cause less disease and we will see a diminution of problems with our society, but so far, each iteration of this virus has been worse than the previous one,” said Kavanagh.

Kavanagh said general assembly members who didn’t wear masks inside sent the wrong message. He fears many local school district leaders will take their cues from legislators and not require masking in schools.

Kavanagh was scheduled to have surgery next week in Tennessee, but it’s been postponed until early October. Kavanagh is not convinced the surgery will occur even then. “In my mind, I’m asking myself, and again, you have to remember I’m very biased on this. But, I’m asking myself why should I be the one to have to delay needed surgery which may affect my longevity in life, because someone didn’t wish to take a vaccine,” said Kavanagh.

Kavanagh noted widespread vaccination is needed to drive down the community viral load and lessen the chance for another dangerous variant. He favors routine testing in the work environment. If infection rates increase, Kavanagh said, in-person instruction for Kentucky schools may not be possible. He says improved virtual learning may be needed.

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