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Fayette County Health Commissioner Says Coronavirus Delta Variant Likely To Become Dominant Virus

Stu Johnson

Fayette County Health Commissioner Kraig Humbaugh said the Lexington area continues to see coronavirus cases every day.  But, the veteran epidemiologist also notes vaccination rates in the bluegrass community have been generally very good.

Humbaugh said CDC data shows more than 80% of those 65-plus in Fayette County are fully vaccinated.  Compare that to about 17% in the 12-to-17 age category.  Humbaugh explained part of that difference lies in opportunities for vaccination, which have been much shorter for teens. The health department head said the hope is that COVID can be contained. “That we can control it with the vaccine, like all other vaccine preventable diseases that we have in our society now.  So, it probably won’t completely go away, but it can be controlled effectively with effective vaccines,” said Humbaugh. 

Humbaugh added the Alpha variant of COVID is the dominant strain found in Lexington.  He expects the highly contagious Delta variant to become the dominant virus over time in Fayette County. 

Fayette County Health Department Commissioner Kraig Humbaugh Talks More About COVID-19 Status in the Lexington Area.

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