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BBB Warns Kentucky Consumers About Holiday Phishing Scam


The Better Business Bureau of central and eastern Kentucky is warning citizens of a holiday phishing scam.  Spokeswoman Heather Clary says the Lexington office has received several reports about an email hoax. Clary says fake emails are being sent claiming to be from popular retailers like Costco, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot.  "Do not instantly click on any link that arrives in your email box reporting to be from one of these retailers,” said Clary.  “Actually, if you hover your curser over it, without clicking on it, another box should pop up to tell you the true origin of that link."

Clary says concerns related to the phishing scam vary from acquiring a computer virus to unsuspectedly releasing personal financial information.  "Other viruses allow con artists to copy your entire email address book that may use those names to send bogus emails purportedly from you to try to pull other kinds of scams," added Clary.

Clary says these types of scams are not solely found during the holiday season.

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