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Kentucky News
The legislative committee room was full as lawmakers considered annexation legislation 02-28-24
Stu Johnson
Many Kentucky cities have been expanding their boundaries in one form or another ever since municipalities popped up in the Commonwealth. In some parts of Kentucky, where significant growth is occurring, it’s become more of a sticking point.
Lexington/Richmond News
Off the Beaten Path with Sam Dick
Jim Coleman on Coleman Crest Farm in Fayette County
Sam Dick
Sam Dick visits a Fayette County farmer who is the great-grandson of enslaved Kentuckians
Dr. Mike Eden’s tennis memorabilia collection includes hundreds of racquets
Sam Dick traveled to Lexington to meet Dr. Mike Eden whose tennis memorabilia collection is considered one of the best in the world.
Eastern Standard
Members of the Kentucky Student Voice Team
The latest in our ongoing series about America’s flirtation with autocracy. Our guest is Matthew Howell, Associate Professor of Government at Eastern Kentucky University. Believing the structure of American democracy to be sound, time-tested, and resilient, Dr. Howell is confident the country can weather the 2024 presidential election.
Kentucky Arts & Culture
Today's Interview
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